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Illuminati 2G caught up with one of the rising stars coming out of Louisiana, Big Shane, for a exclusive interview. We discuss his upcoming mixtape, album plans, and much more so check it out.

Illuminati 2G is here with Big Shane how's it going?

Everything's good man, just getting ready to blast off for '09.. Getting my CTC team situated and coming out hard with these mixtapes!

Tell me a little bit about how you got your start in hip hop and some of your musical influences out there.

I used to always rap other artist music and verses, acting like they were mine.. Going to school spitting it, and getting lots of props. I got serious with my music when I started getting notice from my own music and verses. Started up my CTC team (Cut Tha Check Ent.) In '07.. Since then I can't complain about anything! My buzz is impacting, my name is everywhere, and my fan base is crazy!!

If you could best describe your style how would you and why?

I'm a metaphoric artist, I got some of the coldest and craziest punchlines.. Sometimes I don't even try and use them shits haha. But a lot of people tell me my voice is different, and is unique.. So I guess I'm a one of a kind artist, you tell me!

What is your thoughts on the music scene in Louisiana where you are from?

Man, the music scene is Louisiana is kinda hot right now. Its a lot of talent in different cities. A lot of people here are stuck on the jigg and ratchet movement, which is real cool.. But that only be poppin in Louisiana, Texas, Miss, etc.. Don't get me wrong, its a lot of niggas fighting for the crown right now.. Trill Ent holding it down right now, they the new Cash Money! My nigga Lil Cali, that boy HOT!! He on my single "Dope Boy Fresh".. He also recently made the cover of the Ozone (Oct. '08). Also, Vicious is making some noise too.. Its a lot of people out here eating, a lot of unsigned hype to. But I'm from a SMALL town called DeRidder (337).. Nobody from my city made it out major yet, so I'm trying to make that happen so the rest of the city can come out and eat too.. I'm trying to get my Jeezy on! They don't call me Flowicane Katrina for nothing, think about it, ask about me!

Tell me a little bit about your new single You Don't Want That with Ne-Yo.

Aww man, that joint right there is sick!! That's gonna be featured on one of my upcoming projects, I have so many in the works, I'm still working on my lineups! That joint got over 5k plays & views within the first 3 days of uploading it on the myspace page. I did a couple eblast, and the feedback was all positive. That record is gonna be a good look for my name! Shout out to my homie E, you know how we do it!! He help make that record possible..

Tell me about your mixtape getting set to drop entitled The Whole Boot Behind Me. Release dates, features, production.

All I can say is "BIG".. That project is gonna be an all original mixtape, promoted real heavily all throughout the state of Louisiana. Its gonna feature some of the hottest artist out of the Boot, and some major features also.. I plan on releasing it on my b-day (Apr. 7th).. But it might hit the streets before then!

Do you have a full length LP scheduled after the mixtape?

I have my album features and everything together, I'm thinking about dropping the album this year.. But then again, I'm loving this mixtape money! The albums coming real soon though, there's no title or release date yet though..

Do you have any upcoming shows or tour dates you want to let the people know about?

Yeah, I'm actually preparing my promo tour for "The Whole Boot Behind Me".. That's gonna be all throughout Louisiana. Then I plan on putting together my team tour (CTC Ent.).. That's gonna be nationwide, I have some sponsors lined up, so that's gonna be in motion real soon!

What is some music that you are bumping in the ride or at the house that you digging at the moment?

Right now.. I been bumping my homie Lil Cali's new album "Warning Shots" that shit there is banging! I been jamming USDA's artist, Roccett. I'm actually affiliated with his label, so I gotta support and rep! That nigga AR-AB from Philly, he's a monsta! I been bumpin him and Cassidy real strong.. Man I listen to everything. B.O.B, Yo Gotti, Gucci, T.I, Trill Ent. and my own team!

What is your website or myspace info for people wanting to check out your music?

They can check me out at ( or just google the name and find out a lot about me!

Appreciate the interview. Is there any last words or shoutouts you want to get out there to the people?

Yeah man, I want to thank you for coming through and reaching out to me. Shout-out to my whole CTC gang, DeRidder Louisiana, 337, Dynomite Records, Lil V, Major Money Mafia, Lil Cali what's poppin!, Big Dez what it is!, all my people holding me down and bumpin my music! E-Jizza, what's good! Amazin, DJ RBS,, DJ Flaco, Storm, J Sanders, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Philly.. Man I can go forever, I'm connected with everybody haha. For features, interviews, etc.. Hit me at (