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Made For This

1. A&R Skit (Intro)

2. "Road To Success" ASN Featuring AZ

(Produced By J. Cardim)

3. "When They Like" ASN Featuring Vakero

(Produced By Fero Navi)

4. "Smash 'Em" ASN Featuring Smif N Wessun

(Produced By J. Cardim)

5. "Intertwined" By ASN

(Produced By J. Cardim)

6. "It's So Good" ASN Featuring Lee Wilson

(Produced By J. Cardim)

7. "Ghetto Dad" By ASN

(Produced By J. Cardim)

8. "Work For It" by ASN Featuring Nancia

(Produced By Fero Navi)

9. The ASN Skit

10. "All F***ed Up" By ASN

(Produced By Fero Navi)

11. "Who You Bumping?" ASN Featuring DJ Khaled

(Produced By Fero Navi)

12. "Watching You" By ASN Featuring Pooyan

(Produced By Fero Navi)

13. "Get Your Mind Right (Live and Let Live)" By ASN

(Produced By J. Cardim)

14. "If I Gave You Wings" ASN Featuring Bre of Smo Money Records

(Produced By Fero Navi)

15. "Made For This" by ASN

(Produced By Phantom 5 Audio)

ASN is back with his 2nd album and this one is a absolute gem. If you are into real lyrics, speaking on topics and life situations people can relate to, you HAVE to have get this album. True fans of lyrics need to look no further than the 1st track on the album, Road To Success featuring the legend AZ. Both MCs tear to pieces the absolute bananas beat J. Cardim crafted. AZ spits the rapid flow as if he was the lost member of Bone Thugs N Harmony and ASN does his thing on there as well. Smash Em featuring Smif N Wessun is another lyrical gangbang. Another crazy beat by Cardim, who shines throughout with his production, and once you hear this track you will have it on repeat for a loooong time. But this album ain't all about mcing. Ghetto Dad is a introspective track for all the absent fathers out there and what they are missing with their kids. Intertwined is a emotionally driven track that has to be listened to to really feel the raw emotion behind it.  When They Like & Work For It are 2 nice club bangers as well so ASN has the whole 9 covered. Only thing left is for you to pick it up.



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